7 Oral Sex Positions for Women You Need to Try

What do you imagine if you heard the word cunnilingus or oral sex for women? Generally the shadow of women about the position of oral sex is lying with the legs open. But actually, there are several oral sex positions that you can ask your partner to try. Get ready!

  • 1. All Fours
  • Sitting on someone’s face is an oral sex position that can be fun for you. But on the other hand, this position can also feel uncomfortable and actually makes you awkward, because your weight is concentrated on the face of a partner.

    7 Oral Sex Positions for Women You Need to Try

    This All Fours position is a variation of the sitting position, where you can still position the Miss V on your partner’s face, but your body rests on both knees and hands. With a position like this, you feel comfortable and your partner can give you maximum satisfaction.

  • 2. Lean Forward
  • How to make oral sex more sensational, just try it in a standing position. Although oral sex is usually done by sleeping on your back, now you can try it by standing while looking down and palms resting on the wall, while the position of the couple kneeling behind him. You can try it in the bedroom, living room, or even when you are taking a shower under the shower.

  • 3. Wrapped Eagle
  • This position offers a bit of a challenge, because your feet must encircle your partner’s head. You can do this by lying down, but the position of your hips will be slightly raised so that the partner can freely engage in oral sex.

  • 4. Forbidden Fruit
  • If you and your partner like the doggy style position, then you will like this oral sex position. Try resting on both knees and hands. Once you find a comfortable position, ask your partner to have oral sex from behind.

  • 5. Modified 69
  • Have your partner sleep on your back on the side of the bed. Position your hips above his face. You can also while performing oral sex on a partner while still relying on the hands and knees.

  • 6. Kick Back
  • This time you have to look for a comfortable sofa or chair to be able to do the position. Sit on the sofa with your legs raised and let your partner explore your miss V.

  • 7. All Curled Up
  • This position is a bit complicated, but that does not mean you can not enjoy it. The trick, sleep on your back, bend your knees, and hug your legs as close to the chest as possible. This leg hugging position can introduce you and your partner to an angle of oral sex that you may not have tried before.

    Forget Viagra, these tips can make sex more hot

    viagra alami for women still has a lot of controversy, despite getting approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, let’s forget about Viagra because these tips can make your sex life more exciting.

    Start warming up at the office

    Who says warming up to have sex must start in bed? For more passionate sex, start warming up since you are still in the office by sending naughty messages that can arouse passion. So, when you get home, you are ready to fight with your partner.

    these tips can make sex more hot

    Consumption of foods that can arouse passion

    To make you more excited, consume foods that can arouse women’s passion, such as avocados. The content of unsaturated fat in the avocado accelerates blood flow to the heart, so it can make women more excited.

    Try a new place

    Having sex in the same place for a long time can create boredom that affects a woman’s passion. Therefore, try different places, such as the living room, kitchen, or dining room. Want more fun? Do it in the car or at the office, but make sure you don‘t get caught.

    Create a scenario

    Sexuality is broad and flexible, so you are free to experiment to be more passionate. Try to make a jual viagra asli sex scene scenario with a partner. Suppose you and your partner are the main characters.

    He chose to watch porn instead of sex with you, what does that mean?

    The fact that every man has ever liked and seen porn movies is true. And not infrequently they practice what they see in their own sex lives, meaning they do that to you. But often they seem to be able to enjoy their own sex life without needing to invite you, what actually happens when men prefer watching porn than having sex with you?

    He chose to watch porn instead of sex with you, what does that mean

    He Just Wants to Satisfy Myself

    One of the reasons why men see porn movies is because they just want to satisfy themselves. By watching porn they can feel satisfied without having to try to satisfy you as their sex partner. To satisfy women they need communication, something romantic, and foreplay. Such things are quite difficult for them when they want to satisfy themselves.

    He thinks you don‘t want it

    This might happen, he made pornographic films as a diversion because he could not channel his desires into you. Maybe before you ever refused when his passion was peaking and porn films that treat it from your rejection. That’s why if you want to reject the invitation, next time you have to refuse it gently and include a logical reason as well.

    He Wants to Channel His Fantasy

    Your partner may have certain things that make you enjoy while he is having sex, but he is reluctant to ask from you. Maybe because things are strange and unnatural. By watching porn, chances are that his fantasy can be paid off and he can really enjoy his sex life. He doesn‘t want to tell you that is why he avoids you.

    He Is Having Problems

    Sex is often the solution to the problems of one’s life, including men. But men sometimes don‘t want to share their secrets with their partners for various reasons, that’s why they don‘t take it out with sex with a partner. They prefer pornographic films as an outlet for sex because it means he doesn‘t need to talk to other people and is more able to satisfy himself.

    Bela, if your spouse only occasionally sees porn movies is not a problem. But if it has become a routine and make it addictive then you must be vigilant. Prefer things smelling of porn than real sex is a disorder. Talk with them heart to heart, you have to start being open about each other about what you like and don‘t like during sex.

    Who Said Making Love Can Only Be in the Room? Try First in These 5 Places

    Talk about exciting sex right, Bela? Instinctively be it a woman or man, definitely interested, talk about this one thing. Now, if it’s usually discussed is the position of sex, now Popbela invite you to see places that are fun to make love with a partner other than in your bed. Where is that? Let’s just peek directly here.

    5 Fun place to make love with a partner other than in bed

    5 Fun place to make love with a partner other than in bed

  • 1. Swimming pool
  • Maybe your eyebrows will be slightly raised when you see Popbela suggesting this place. In general, swimming pools are indeed not a common place for ‚having fun‘. But that’s where the sensation is? Just imagine, how exciting it can be hugged and kissed by a partner while playing water. Your partner will also be happy to see the occasional woman look sexy in a bikini. You can try it while on vacation to a villa that offers a private swimming pool to make it safer and no one catches you suddenly.

  • 2. Cars
  • Narrow space in the car is a challenging arena to make love. Therefore if you want, you can invite couples to have sex here. Although somewhat inconvenient, but having sex in the car has its own excitement, you know. The reason you and your partner must be smart to adjust the position of the body in a car that has a narrow space.

  • 3. The living room
  • Don‘t leave the living room just as a gathering place, Bela. When it’s late and other family members sleep, you can immediately launch your action to seduce a partner. You can also try various new positions on the sofa or chair in the living room.

  • 4. Kitchen
  • If the kitchen is usually just a place to cook, now switch its function to become a hot love kitchen. In this place you can do variations in sex positions, starting from standing, lying on the floor, or maybe sitting. Reportedly making love in the kitchen makes your sexual activity more passionate you know. Take advantage of also various things that you can find in the kitchen to add to the thrill of your hot session such as honey, chocolate or fruit.

  • 5. Bathroom
  • The last place that is no less challenging to be a place of romance is the bathroom. You can start sexual activity there by bathing together. After it is finished and smells good, you will launch your action to make him happy.

    Trying various new places to have sex is very necessary. The reason is so that you don‘t get bored because you always do it in the same place. In addition to places, you also need to explore new sexual positions that you rarely practice in bed. Have fun!

    The Meaning and Types of Exhibitionists and How to Deal With Them

    Have you heard about exhibitionists or have you even met the culprit? Yep, exhibitionists are people who have the urge to expose themselves in public about sexuality. One of them shows a vital tool in public even women is one of them. Weird, taboo and not worthy of common sense. But what exactly are exhibitionists?

    The meaning of exhibitionist

    Exhibitionism is a mental disorder characterized by them, both men and women displaying their vital and sensual organs to a stranger in a public place. They have an obsession with unusual sensual practices or activities. This is what might be called they show off what is there for their desires and sexual satisfaction.

    The Meaning and Types of Exhibitionists and How to Deal With Them

    It might be sad to hear it, but this is indeed happening around you. Many exhibitionists carry out their actions in public places, on quiet streets and even on public transportation. They will feel happy if the victim feels scared and surprised to see it. Very unnatural, why did this happen?

    Exhibitionist type

    There are two types of exhibitionists, those who don‘t expect feedback from people who see it or people who want to involve physical contact with other people.

    Those who only expose themselves only show a vital tool not without the intention to carry out further sexual activity with others. But those who want to involve physical contact, this is dangerous and very vulnerable to sexual harassment.

    Causes of exhibitionists

    All this is driven by fantasy and even hormones in the body of men and women. However, there are several reasons for exhibitionism:

    • Emotional and sexual abuse in childhood and family dysfunction are significant risk factors in the development of exhibitionism,
    • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) without a history of alcohol abuse or prior sexual violations,
    • Pedophilia’s interest is also one of the causes of exhibitionists.

    How to deal with exhibitionists

    If you accidentally meet an exhibitionist, here are some things you can do to protect yourself.

    • Stay calm and go away from the exhibitionist
    • Leave the location as fast as you can without an expression of fear
    • If he approaches you, shout for help to the surroundings
    • Recognize how the person’s face, appearance and markings are. Report to the nearest officer because he will not only act once.

    Exhibitionists are one of the disorders of sexual orientation. Therefore, do not be afraid and shocked yes if one day you find them in a quiet place even public places. Stay safe!