abortion drug as food

What Is Abortion and Values ​​- Moral Values ​​contained in it ?

Abortion is an act which was considered immoral in our beloved country Indonesia. An act perform abortions due to the actions initiated by the unscrupulous as well. In this case, you certainly will feel that the act of abortion was immoral and very inhumane.

But this Abortion action in the last few decades a lot to do in Indonesia even in the world. Moral of glasses that measures actual actions prohibited by Religion and Law. Usually when a mother do Abortions will occur adverse effects on the mother.

There are three reasons why a mother perform abortion as follows:

Pregnant Not On Plan
Unplanned pregnant as pregnant after doctors examined or ultrasound can be flawed fetus or when giving birth defects can occur in a baby.

Financial Issues / Economics
When a mother giving birth then is to consider when giving birth to fee ranging from baby care costs are pregnant, birth after birth until it takes up very little cost. While pregnancy because many accidents occur in women who are still in school. And how it will meet the needs of the baby? Keeping it healthy? It would be hard to imagine that abortion was finally carried out.

Unpreparedness A Mother Being Single Mothers
Facts prove that women who become pregnant by accident will not live with their spouse. If you want to be seen from any side, abortion remains an immoral act.

Had the moral aspect excluded, abortion is the best choice for women with unplanned pregnancies

What Side Effects of Using Medicinal Products Overcome Pregnancy ???

Medicinal Products Overcome Late Pregnancy or medicine or medicine Month Month Late or better known as the Drug Late Menstruation is safe in use if you use the medicine in accordance with the rules of how to use the drug.
Use of Medication Side Effects usually occur during the 24 hours. But it did not need to worry because these effects will disappear by itself, where you can continue to consult with us for the use of drugs.
Doses used depending on the age pregnancies occur where there is a certain atuiran safe and certain way you can do that is the direction of our consultation. so long as the drug is safe and reliable.
Menguggurkan pregnancy or abortion is often prescribed for women who wish to abort an unwanted pregnancy.

Although rare, the risk of abortion can cause short-term side effects and adverse long-term.

Medication abortion or also known as mifepristone typically used to terminate the pregnancy and can be used up to the ninth week

Is Gastrul Drugs and Drug Cytotec Safe in consumption ???

Penggugur Gastrul drug is drug that is unbelievably safe for consumption for women who are experiencing a problem pregnancy. Because medicine Gastrul proven safe and effective so for women who are experiencing problems conceiving out of wedlock can book / buy medicine Gastrul this original.
The drug Cytotec is a medication Late menstruation in value as a potent and safe drugs for consumption. With its proven safe. Not much different from the Drug Gastrul. For those of you who are experiencing problems and want a complete pregnancy to pregnancy


How it works The drug Cytotec is almost the same as the birth boosters drugs that result in contraction of the uterus and the fetus forced to come out of the womb. Therefore, the uterus will impose a termination of pregnancy occurs. You will experience vaginal bleeding more than usual menstruation, usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The success rate of abortion with the drug Cytotec is 97%. This way is considered a failure if you do not experience it after a few hours after taking the drug Cytotec.
Cytotec is available in pharmacies in almost all countries, the experience and the risks of abortion by taking the drug Cytotec is similar to the experience and the risk of natural abortion.
Natural or spontaneous abortion occurs without any action as much as 10% of all pregnancies.
Treatment due to complications of abortion, also the same as a natural treatment for abortion. If there is a problem, you should immediately go to the hospital or to a doctor. The doctor will take care of you as if you are having a natural abortion.
Now we will share important information that needs to be known by all women who want an abortion with the drug, namely:
- You have to make sure that you are pregnant.
- Do a pregnancy test or ultrasound.
- Take medication Cytotec if you‘re 100% sure you want to terminate the pregnancy. Do an ultrasound before taking the drug Cytotec.
Ultrasound shows whether the pregnancy is in the womb and has been how many weeks of pregnancy you.
- Do not make the abortion itself.
Have someone close to when an abortion is very important; This person could be your spouse, a friend or family member who understands abortion and can help if there are complications. Once the bleeding started, one needs to keep in touch with you so he can help if there are complications.
- The drug Cytotec may be used without medical supervision.
- Use of Drugs Cytotec Should be Taught By Expert / expert
- Reasonable Reasons why abortion should do? Because of severe disease That could endanger mothers and children, it is often a good reason to have an abortion, even in countries with regulations that limit.


Drug Gastrul become one of the drugs penggugur best content and the choice women who want to abort the fetus. Medication abortion is believed to be potent Gastrul type of abortion