The Meaning and Types of Exhibitionists and How to Deal With Them

Have you heard about exhibitionists or have you even met the culprit? Yep, exhibitionists are people who have the urge to expose themselves in public about sexuality. One of them shows a vital tool in public even women is one of them. Weird, taboo and not worthy of common sense. But what exactly are exhibitionists?

The meaning of exhibitionist

Exhibitionism is a mental disorder characterized by them, both men and women displaying their vital and sensual organs to a stranger in a public place. They have an obsession with unusual sensual practices or activities. This is what might be called they show off what is there for their desires and sexual satisfaction.

The Meaning and Types of Exhibitionists and How to Deal With Them

It might be sad to hear it, but this is indeed happening around you. Many exhibitionists carry out their actions in public places, on quiet streets and even on public transportation. They will feel happy if the victim feels scared and surprised to see it. Very unnatural, why did this happen?

Exhibitionist type

There are two types of exhibitionists, those who don‘t expect feedback from people who see it or people who want to involve physical contact with other people.

Those who only expose themselves only show a vital tool not without the intention to carry out further sexual activity with others. But those who want to involve physical contact, this is dangerous and very vulnerable to sexual harassment.

Causes of exhibitionists

All this is driven by fantasy and even hormones in the body of men and women. However, there are several reasons for exhibitionism:

  • Emotional and sexual abuse in childhood and family dysfunction are significant risk factors in the development of exhibitionism,
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) without a history of alcohol abuse or prior sexual violations,
  • Pedophilia’s interest is also one of the causes of exhibitionists.

How to deal with exhibitionists

If you accidentally meet an exhibitionist, here are some things you can do to protect yourself.

  • Stay calm and go away from the exhibitionist
  • Leave the location as fast as you can without an expression of fear
  • If he approaches you, shout for help to the surroundings
  • Recognize how the person’s face, appearance and markings are. Report to the nearest officer because he will not only act once.

Exhibitionists are one of the disorders of sexual orientation. Therefore, do not be afraid and shocked yes if one day you find them in a quiet place even public places. Stay safe!