Who Said Making Love Can Only Be in the Room? Try First in These 5 Places

Talk about exciting sex right, Bela? Instinctively be it a woman or man, definitely interested, talk about this one thing. Now, if it’s usually discussed is the position of sex, now Popbela invite you to see places that are fun to make love with a partner other than in your bed. Where is that? Let’s just peek directly here.

5 Fun place to make love with a partner other than in bed

5 Fun place to make love with a partner other than in bed

  • 1. Swimming pool
  • Maybe your eyebrows will be slightly raised when you see Popbela suggesting this place. In general, swimming pools are indeed not a common place for ‚having fun‘. But that’s where the sensation is? Just imagine, how exciting it can be hugged and kissed by a partner while playing water. Your partner will also be happy to see the occasional woman look sexy in a bikini. You can try it while on vacation to a villa that offers a private swimming pool to make it safer and no one catches you suddenly.

  • 2. Cars
  • Narrow space in the car is a challenging arena to make love. Therefore if you want, you can invite couples to have sex here. Although somewhat inconvenient, but having sex in the car has its own excitement, you know. The reason you and your partner must be smart to adjust the position of the body in a car that has a narrow space.

  • 3. The living room
  • Don‘t leave the living room just as a gathering place, Bela. When it’s late and other family members sleep, you can immediately launch your action to seduce a partner. You can also try various new positions on the sofa or chair in the living room.

  • 4. Kitchen
  • If the kitchen is usually just a place to cook, now switch its function to become a hot love kitchen. In this place you can do variations in sex positions, starting from standing, lying on the floor, or maybe sitting. Reportedly making love in the kitchen makes your sexual activity more passionate you know. Take advantage of also various things that you can find in the kitchen to add to the thrill of your hot session such as honey, chocolate or fruit.

  • 5. Bathroom
  • The last place that is no less challenging to be a place of romance is the bathroom. You can start sexual activity there by bathing together. After it is finished and smells good, you will launch your action to make him happy.

    Trying various new places to have sex is very necessary. The reason is so that you don‘t get bored because you always do it in the same place. In addition to places, you also need to explore new sexual positions that you rarely practice in bed. Have fun!